Criminal Defence

We have vast experience in defending clients on matters ranging from the most minor to the most serious.

Moir and Sweeney Litigation have almost 100-years of combined experience in criminal law and is one of Scotland’s leading criminal defence firms. Our team of solicitors work together to provide our clients with the highest quality of advice and representation in the criminal courts at all levels throughout Scotland. Our clients value our straightforward and honest assessment of their case.

Our team of highly experienced criminal solicitors expertly navigate our clients through all stages of the criminal justice process, from police station attendance to appeals against conviction and sentence. It is our aim to ensure that we obtain the best possible result for our clients, whether that be in relation to a road traffic offence or a charge at the more serious end of the scale.

Moir and Sweeney Litigation have close working relationships with various criminal advocates. Meaning that should your case involve a particularly specialist area of law or proceed through the High Court, we can quickly call upon the specialist support of an advocate who has right of audience in the High Court.

Our expertise and experience mean that we are best placed to assist clients in full spectrum of criminal matters, including:

Police station attendances

Anyone finding themselves in police custody has the right to advice from a solicitor. In many cases this will be met by the legal aid fund. The police have the right to detain you for a period of 12 hours whilst they investigate the allegation against you. This can be extended to 24 hours in exceptional circumstances. Therefore, the most important thing to remember is to insist that the police contact Moir and Sweeney Litigation any time that you find yourself in police custody.

If the police contact you asking you to attend for an interview, you should contact our highly experienced team straight away. We will arrange to attend the interview with you once we have offered you professional advice.

The police interview is now considered to be part of your trial process and accordingly it is vital that you contact us before the police interview you. We would never advise anyone to allow themselves to be interviewed by the police without seeking legal advice, no matter what the allegation is.

Prisoner rights and representation at parole hearings

We have extensive experience representing both existing and new clients before the Parole Board for Scotland.

Our team understand that the parole process begins well before the formal issuing of parole application papers. Our team has valuable knowledge and insight into the opportunities available for progression within the prison system and the legal tests applied by the Parole Board in making its decision whether to direct release. Our team’s awareness of such matters mean that we are best placed to help, whether it be assisting clients in drafting their self-representations or appearing on behalf of clients at oral hearings before the Parole Board.

Our team will always take the time and care necessary to fully understand the background of our client’s circumstances and ensure that the correct issues are identified and highlighted to be taken into consideration by the Parole Board.

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